Shizhong District, Jinan, Strengthening Measures to Assist in Development of Foreign Trade Enterprises



      First, develop a few new growth points. Taking the opportunity of Alibaba One Touch settling in Shizhong District, the Jinan government actively guides enterprises to carry out import and export services via a service platform. Since Sep., over 100 enterprises have reached cooperation intents with One Touch. So far, 22 enterprises have realized export services via the One Touch Platform, contributing nearly USD 100,000 to the whole district. Second, create a good environment. On the basis of a preliminary market research, it has helped Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd. and Shandong Electrical Equipment Corporation to solve such problems as roads for transportation, insufficient heat sources and foreign aid qualification. At present, it is actively coordinating with relevant financial institutions to solve financing problem in the import link of Jinan Yuxiao Group. In the meantime, it is actively guiding enterprises to make full use of various supporting and incentive policies and to achieve the immediate delivery of relevant policies, the understandable informing of project application materials as well as the one-off funding of corporate financial incentives. Third, enhance enterprise training. Since this year, it has mobilized and organized the foreign trade enterprises of the whole district to participate in 6 training activities at provincial, municipal and district levels, as well as 3 cross-border e-commerce business training conferences organized by Alibaba Group. At the end of Oct., it organized 6 foreign trade backbone enterprises to attend the E-commerce Political Power – Jinan Training Conference organized by the municipal government and Alibaba Group so as to further enhance the market development capability of enterprises. 

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